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Kenneth Brubaker
Enterprise Application Architect

I am an incessantly driven technical leader of the craft of software development, having executed at all levels of the trade. I have provided technical management at several large companies and directed and participated in important software development efforts throughout my nearly 27 year career.

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Technical Expertise

Selected Work History

eLead: Contract/FTE, March 2015 – Present (Automotive CRM)
Enterprise Architect
  • Developed strategy, principles, and reference architecture requirements for the microservice-based rewrite of a large SaaS platform
  • Implemented core service technologies based on the requirements
  • Implemented and oversaw deployment of several application services using the core services architecture
  • Prototyped Express/Redis-based messaging system
  • Shepherded several cross-functional initiatives including Internal Open Source React component library
AirWatch: FTE, November 2014 – March 2015 (Enterprise Mobility Management)
C# Architect
  • Supported the AirWatch scheduler service in a very large SaaS environment
  • Mentored staff on Unit Testing techniques and Single Page Application Web technologies
Voya Investment Management: Contract/FTE, May 2009 – November 2014 (Financial Services)
Application Architect
  • Designed and managed the administration of Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) practices for 50+ person development organization across three locations in a highly regulated environment
  • Designed and implemented three full stack application architectures using various Microsoft and web technologies over the course of my employment
  • Developed Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in addition to the software stack for a trading system
Kurt Salmon Associates: Contract, August 2007 – September 2008 (Management Consulting)
Application Designer
  • Provided analysis, design, and development of calculation engine for the rewrite of a performance management system including an Active/Active high availability cluster
Cox Enterprises: Contract, February 2006 – July 2007 (Media)
Enterprise Architect
  • Participated in the design and provided the administration of Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) practices for 30+ person development organization
  • Designed and implemented application architecture of new Salary Administration application for 70,000 person organization
Fiserv: Contract, May 2003 – June 2004, July 2005 – January 2006 (Financial Services)
Senior Software Consultant
  • Designed and implemented code generation-based distributed calculation engine for leading NAIC Annual Reporting software provider
Aon: FTE, July 2004 – July 2005 (Financial Services/Human Resources)
Senior Application Architect
  • Microsoft liaison and Enterprise Architect for 50,000 person global firm for migration to external data center
  • Migration involved hundreds of applications and dozens of application teams across many locations
re:Member Data Services: December 2001 – October 2002 (Financial Services)
Chief Technical Architect
  • Implemented SDLC and full stack web architecture using the just released .NET Framework
  • Designed and implemented innovative (for the time) ORM framework and Unit Test engine
Whitewater Group: FTE/Contract, May 1990 – January 1993
Member Technical Staff
  • Developed several subsystems for first Windows-based global money transfer application using object-oriented programming environment including Data Access Layer (DAL), printing subsystem and virtualized custom Windows GUI controls
  • Sole tester for first C++ Windows GUI application framework
  • Drafted reference documentation for Window GDI


University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
BSE in Computer Science and Engineering
Graduated May 1990


Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
Scrum Alliance
March 2013 - March 2015